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Qualifications / Experience"


Owner's Biography bullet with arrow Bradley Korth

Experience and Certifications:

Brad has over 20 years of program and project management engineering experience.

Professional certifications include being a Registered Professional Engineer and an API (American Petroleum Institute) 653 Storage Tank Inspector.


Education includes a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Environmental Management.

Environmental Engineering Experience:

Environmental Engineering assignments include regulatory compliance, permitting, auditing, release prevention & response planning (SPCC, stormwater, OPA90, etc.), property evaluations, implementation of environmental management systems including ISO 14001, pollution prevention & recycling programs, remediation projects, hazardous materials transportation, certified tank inspections, training, and spill response actions. Related experience includes compliance with various OSHA requirements and regulations.

Related Experience:

Drilling, production and reservoir engineering experience in the petroleum industry includes implementation of enhanced oil recovery techniques, design/maintenance of piping & electrical systems, regulatory compliance, economic evaluations & studies, and surveying & mapping.

Chemical & metallurgical engineering expertise includes development and implementation in a variety of specialized manufacturing processes, performing process improvements and specification #38; implementation of capital equipment projects.

Brad has also worked as a machinist, a member of the Town of Marlborough Sewer Commission and has successfully acted as a Pro-Se Attorney in civil actions.

You can contact Brad directly at enveng@kortheng.com or at (860) 989-2800