Korth Engineering, LLC
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Marlborough, CT


"Unique" Design, Permitting and
Compliance Projects


PROJECT: Residential Lot with No Space Outside of Wetlands Area for House?

RESULT: Developed design detailing location of house and engineering controls. Obtained necessary approvals from town boards.

PROJECT: Residential House Experiencing Significant Erosion and Drainage Problems Due to Flow of Water from Off-Site Sources.

RESULT: In conjunction with contractor, prepared engineering design plans and obtained town approvals for installation of water garden to manage and redirect water flows.


PROJECT: Restaurant Water Reduction Study - Establishment Generating 5 Times Recommended Water Disposal Quantities.

RESULT: Conducted investigation of on-site operations and provided recommendations to significantly reduce water usage / disposal amounts.

PROJECT: Manufacturing cleaning operations, replacement of hand wipes utilizing / generating hazardous waste materials.

RESULT: Implemented program of pre-moistened hand wipes utilizing Non-hazardous cleaners, disposable with “routine” rubbish.


PROJECT: Storm water Permit – Management of outdoor waste collection Containers.

RESULT: Designed and implemented program for labeling and Management of outdoor containers.

PROJECT: EPA and DEP Multi-Media Lawsuit Resolution.

RESULT: Direct interaction, interpretation, negotiation and Implementation of various regulatory programs and Agency audits.

PROJECT: Connecticut Auto Recyclers Association

RESULT: Developed a comprehensive environmental management program detailing an overall compliance strategy including EPA Regulatory Plans, OSHA Regulations, Waste Management, Spill Reporting and Best Management Practices.

NOTE: Above detailed examples are some of the “Non-Traditional” and or “difficult” types of projects performed. For additional details on these or “Traditional” projects and services offered please contact Korth Engineering, LLC.